"Citizens of 2020" Tour

2013 marks the beginning of an expansion of the Ride for your Rights! - idea. By following our motto ‘united in cycling’ we shall attract a group of diverse people who can identify themselves with the overall aim of Ride for your Rights! and consider it worthwhile supporting the tour’s objectives. All 2013 actions will once more appeal to the right of European education and mobility but will be aimed at a wider target audience compared to previous years.

Route overview

The "Citizens of 2020" Tour will be a healthy cycling challenge, so we'd like to give you an overview of what one may expect when joining the ride. Have a good look at these numbers, explore the daily maps carefully as they become available, browse through the tips and guides (coming soon) and don't forget to practice!


Here you can sign up for the "Citizens of 2020" Tour.

Please note that this is a pre-registration only! By signing up, you are not guaranteed a spot with the group. Also, you will not be asked to pay a deposit at this moment.

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