Costs and Fees

The "Citizens of 2020" Tour is being planned by a group of volunteers who have been part of the Ride for your Rights! community for some time. The Tour as a whole is not financed by any organisation, which means that we rely on contributions from the participants and support from local partners, covering different parts of the total expenses. For the sake of transparency, here's how the money flows.

1. How much is the participation fee?

Each participant will have to pay a daily fee of €10 (ten euro), starting on the day before departure and ending on the day of arrival.

For example, if we ride from Monday to Friday, the participant will pay a total of €60 (sixty euro), by checking in on Sunday and staying with the group until Friday night - and leaving the group on Saturday.

Participants riding more than one stage will receive two discounts:

  • first, the daily fee will not apply for the break day between two stages in which the participant rides;
  • second, for every stage after the initial stage, the daily fee will be reduced by €0,50 (fifty cents); for example, if the participant rides 3 stages, the daily fee for the initial stage will be €10, then €9,50 for the second and €9 for the third stage.

2. What does the participation fee cover?

The participation fee will cover the operational expenses: van rental, insurance, fuel and travel expenses of the support crew. Without these things, there would be no Tour.

This ensures that, throughout the Tour, there is someone responsible in the group that knows the way, is in contact with local partners and helps the participants throughout the day.

More importantly, it ensures that, throughout the Tour, there will be a backup van transporting the participants' luggage and equipment, getting supplies, assisting in non-medical emergencies (ambulances work better with medical emergencies) and providing escort on busy roads, if necessary.

Any leftover money will be used to cover participants expenses (see below).

3. What other expenses will there be?

Each participant will have to cover their expenses in terms of:

  • travelling to the departure point and from the arrival point;
  • transporting their own bike, equipment and luggage to and from the Tour;
  • travel documents and insurance;
  • own food and accommodation, when payment is required.

4. How can the costs be lowered?

In order to keep the daily costs low for everybody (support crew included), the organisation is working hard on finding local partners willing to support the group. So, for the daily things:

  • whenever we find cheap or free accommodation, that will benefit the whole group;
  • whenever necessary, we will resort to camping (and we're organising the tents);
  • at the beginning of every stage, all participants will pool money together to buy food and drinks in larger quantities, to reduce costs.

We're also looking for other sources of income:

  • we will run a crowdfunding campaing, and every extra money we gather will cover participants' daily expenses;
  • for every sponsorship that covers operational expenses, we will use the money we saved to cover participants' daily expenses.

5. How can the participants help?

If you would like to help make this Tour more accessible to everyone, you can spread the message about the Tour, sharing our website and crowdfunding contents via social media. If you're part of a local organisation, or know someone who is, you can promote contacts so that we can better organise the travel arrangements.

There, now you know where how the money flows.

If you have any questions, use the form on the Contact page and we'll get back to you.

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