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1 project, 2 cyclists, 5 months on the road

7000 kilometers ahead across 10 countries from Prague all the way to Portugal


ICROM Project (Internacional Creative Ride Open Mind) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) formed in March 2013 in Novi Sad and it consists of about 30 perspective and highly-educated members (aged from 18 to 35) who are also participants if this international, educational, cultural and sports summer bike 2013 adventure.


Using e-bikes in order to generate all the electricity for e.g. a concert, a movie show or a open-air disco - this is the idea behind BIKE IT ON. BIKE IT ON demonstrates that we can meet all our energy needs without fossil or nuclear fuels if we really want to - using existing techniques, inventions and knowledge.

Bikes Tell Stories

"Bikes Tell Stories", an upcoming documentary about cycling, bikes, spirit, desire, adventure, life and challenges.

Cycle Me Home

Cycle Me Home is a documentary/road-movie about Levi, a Hungarian film student who went to Madrid for 5 months to study. After he had finishing school there, he decided to go back to Budapest on his fixie bike and asked the people of Europe to join him on his way.

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