Using e-bikes in order to generate all the electricity for e.g. a concert, a movie show or a open-air disco - this is the idea behind BIKE IT ON. BIKE IT ON demonstrates that we can meet all our energy needs without fossil or nuclear fuels if we really want to - using existing techniques, inventions and knowledge.

BIKE IT ON symbolises this readiness for positive change. Furthermore, BIKE IT ON illustrates that electricity is an increasingly precious resource that does not simply “come out of the plug”: twenty people would have to cycle just to generate enough electricity for a simple 2,000 watts water heater.

BIKE IT ON is perfectly suitable for green events in locations without power supply – like parks or large squares.

The BIKE IT ON bicycles will be provided by our partner IndyACT for the opening event in Vienna on July 12, 2013. We will use the bikes to power a live concert, a film screening and some presentations.

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