ICROM Project (Internacional Creative Ride Open Mind) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) formed in March 2013 in Novi Sad and it consists of about 30 perspective and highly-educated members (aged from 18 to 35) who are also participants if this international, educational, cultural and sports summer bike 2013 adventure.

The founder and chief executive of the organization program is Milorad Ubovic.

We have started this project/organisation with desire to show and make available all the afore-mentioned positive experiences to perspective young people.

The multi-national character speaks in favor of the importance od friendship, unity of nations, mutual help and reliance, sport, tolerance and endurance of youth. This adventure represents, contains and puts to the test everything that modern politics and politicians on international level stand for and persuade in its significance for the region - the initiative of young people for procuring European values, fellowship, sympathy, ambition, education and tolerance.

We will essentially get to know the environment, ourselves and people around us through working towards mutual goals - overcoming all geographical, national and cultural boundaries.

ICROM and Ride for your Rights! have teamed up to share expertise and assist mutually in each project's preparation.

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