Sports science is a rather young discipline, rapidly evolving and differentiating world-wide, also in Austria. Currently, four professorships exist at the Institute of Sport Science (ISS) of the University of Vienna (sports/movement pedagogy, sports physiology, sports sociology, kinesiology with focus on biomechanics and applied computer science), while another one is in occupation (training science and kinesiology with focus on biology). The ISS is the scientific organizational unit, dealing with natural scientific/medical, pedagogic/didactic and human as well as socio-scientific research topics and perspectives.

Ride for your Rights! and the Institute of Sport Science of the University of Vienna have established a close partnerhsip over the last three years. For a third time consecutively, this year sport management students of the Institute were once again involved in the preparation of the big ride. Students working on the project with us, receive ECTS credits for their work. In our point of view this is progressive education management demonstrated by the Institute. The Dean of the Institute also counts as one of many signatorees of our Manifesto.

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