Commercial Sponsors

Such a demanding project would not have succeeded without the backing of many companies throughout the continent. Eating, drinking, sleeping and cycling - everything made easier, thanks to our sponsors.


Inspired by F1 high-performance and design, Gocycle is the first injection-moulded magnesium alloy bicycle in history.


Ströck is an Austrian based bakery. All riders will be provided with the necessary carbs for the day at the start of the tour in Vienna.

Foundation for the Development of the Education System

The Foundation’s main aim is support, in its broad sense, for activities serving the development of education in Poland. The FRSE realises its aim through the coordination of educational programmes of the European Union, among others.

Bike Apartment

Welcome to Bike apartment!

It takes infinity to name all benefits and advantages of one&only The Bicycle. Our best friend, synonym for love, nature, joy, friendship and ultimate freedom. This is why we made a place where you can relax, enjoy and explore our city the best way, by bike.

Bike apartment is a place in the center of Zagreb which offers accommodation to all bike lovers, travelers and people who share the same love and passion.

Camp "Oazis"

Camp “Oazis” is one of the best beaches that you’ve ever visited. Perl sands, sand dunes and nice atmosphere. A place where you can give some peace to your mind and soul and relax, the perfect place for your vacation.

Familia Camping

Familia Camping is campsite which has been run by the Erös family for 25 years.
It is located in Pécs, just off main road 6 to Budapest.

Linauer & Wagner

Linauer & Wagner is a family run bakery with long traditions. It is their wish to contribute to a healthier nutrition with their products.

Red Bull

Red Bull gives you wings!

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