Community Ride 2012 - the story


Here's the short version of our summer in 2012: sometimes, it's just about the cycling.

It tooks us one year to prepare the 2011 ride, and we were out on the road for three months.

It tooks us one year to prepare the 2012 events, and we were out on the road for a week.

Despite the great number of people who joined the different rides and the number of supporters who joined our ranks, we were not completely satisfied with the experience. Something was missing. Spending weeks on the road became a sort of way of life for many, and so the idea came to organise a longer ride in the summer, in some place new, enjoying proper cycling and sightseeing.

We started in Lisboa, Portugal, and headed North along the Atlantic coast, crossing into Galicia, Spain. After two weeks, we had reached the Cantabrian coast. Then we turned East and crossed Asturias and Cantabria, then down the Basque Country and across the Monegros desert into Catalonia. We arrived in Barcelona after five weeks of riding, covering 2500 km of seaside, mountains and desert.

We enjoyed the beaches on the West coast of Portugal and in the Rias Altas of Galicia, climbed up and down the mountains in Northern Spain and suffered under 45º C across the Basque Country and Aragón. We saw Lisboa, Nazaré, Aveiro, Porto, Vigo, Compostela, Coruña, Gijón, Santander, Bilbao, Pamplona, Zaragoza, Lleida and Barcelona. We camped in the wild, in orchards and river banks. We had meals in tiny villages across the Iberian Peninsula, mingled with the locals, tasted the local products, met old friends, made some new ones. We had a blast.

Also, we had no backup car this time. No particular schedule means we can take as long as we can, change route and breaks, just kick back and enjoy the ride. We even took time to tease the people who could not come along...


This was a nice challenge for everyone who took part in it, veterans from the different rides we've put together in the last two years. We hope to see the community grow larger, so we can have a few more of these rides in the future.

- Tiago

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