Community Ride 2012 - a testimony


The sun beat down on our heads, and the air became crisp and heated. I breathed deeply. The city: the air and sounds of the open. Those were my first impressions of Lisbon.

I felt anxious for a moment, but in a second it disappeared away somewhere. Because I had a great expectations for its: cities, places and people that I will visit. Actually all of cities and towns were alluring for me and when we headed for a new town, I took a lot of photos of those every time.

In the middle of the August a bad luck hit me. I got a flat tire twice in one day. Owing to it, I had to walk 60 km on a mountain valley pushing my pity bike to the next big city. That time, I saw over 20 shooting stars which ran through and glittered in the night sky. Some friends did not believe my words but they're real words! It was only a little luck in an unfortunate day.

My pedaling got light and easy as we approached Barcelona. At the same time, I felt lonely about that I could see the end of our community ride. I realized, it was already one month passed after Lisbon. One month sleeping in a tent, one month riding on bike to Barcelona and now we approached it. What did I get out of this trip? I asked myself, so increased my confidence and self-reliance, got nice friends from all over the world. Before this journey I had never traveled by bicycle for one month.

Why did I join this little journey? Easy, I just prefer a slow travel to fast travel and of course I'm a student, I have a lot of time. I think I was right.

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