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Dear friends and readers,

let's be upfront - it's not an easy task to convince 1 million people in Europe to sign a petition which they don't consider relevant at this very moment. The risk of losing a truly European education and the freedom of movement does not sound as alarming as the risk of water being privatised. That is a given and cannot be changed. And yet, education marks us all. Every single person educated functions as a multiplier and a reproducer of his or her values and world view in society. A type of education trying to avoid narrow-minded nationalism should not be put at risk under any circumstances. In our previous article you could read about the aftermath of nationalism and at the same time about the power of setting positive deeds and examples.

At this point we don't know if young people in Europe will also set a positive example by signing the petition that aims to secure learning mobility opportunities for Europeans. What we know for sure is that in less than a month a group of committed people will set an example by riding through heat struck countries to collect signatures and make the impossible possible with a bit of luck and your support!

We invite you to set your personal example of optimism by claiming one of our perks via our new fundraising campaign. Every Euro you donate will be used to support those riders who have decided to step up for Fraternite 2020 this summer.

Please tell your friends about our Indiegogo campaign and join the event on Facebook alike. We thank you for your kind support and wish you good fun with one of the claimed perks of your choice.

Your Ride for your Rights! team


esurgency of narrow-minded nationalism in so many European countries - See more at:
esurgency of narrow-minded nationalism in so many European countries - See more at: previous article you could read about

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