Round 3: Citizens of 2020 Tour good to go!

Welcome back everyone!

After a long winter break filled with discussions, preparations and the well-known 'stock up on calories - you'll need it - phase' we are glad to see the well-known proverb "all good things come in threes" come into reality: We are celebrating our 3rd edition of the project, the calendar counts 2013, and 3% is the number we're most interested in!

To make the puzzle fit together even nicer, 2013 happens to be the official 'Year of Citizens' and that is why we've decided to name this year's ride Citizens of 2020 Tour. As the name already suggests, the entire tour is dedicated to the empowerment and participation of all people who will call themselves European citizens by the year of 2020. Where Europe will stand in 7 years time we certainly don't know but until then we want to make sure that we remain active and speak up about our concerns.

A couple of recent developments in the European landscape have motivated us to give Ride for your Rights! a slightly new face this year. Beforehand it must be said though that anyone joining the tour will still benefit from great memories of cycling through unknown territory, visiting incredibly beautiful and forgotten parts of Europe, learning about each other and about Europe's diversity, and living on the road while constantly feeling at home wherever we are. What's new this year is simply the fact that we won't only ride in support of our own Manifesto but we want to put the spotlight on Fraternité 2020. Europe needs cultural exchange and knowledge transfer among young generations and we need institutions within the European Union to acknowledge this and take appropriate actions. Once again you can help to speed up the process by riding with us, spreading the word, and above all by signing

3% OF THE EU BUDGET FOR ERASMUS AND CO. - That is what we want and this is what we'll ride for.

Without much further ado, we're once more looking forward to your participation in our endeavor and we'll leave you with some more background information on this year's concept in our 2013 section of our website. Check it out!

Looking forward to seeing you at the start in Vienna on the 12th of July!

Take care and prepare,

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