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Have you packed your stuff yet?

Are you ready to join the ride? Let's have a look at what you need to pack in your bag...

Chapter 1: while cycling

Although it seems pretty obvious, it never hurts to remind ourselves that there will be cycling during most of the tour. That usually implies the presence of a cyclist (you) and a bicycle (yours). What else do you need?

Give and take - our fundraising campaign

Dear friends and readers,

Joint press release (CE, ESN, AEGEE, RFYR)

A joint press release was published by Campus Europae, the Erasmus Student Network and AEGEE. All three organisations are pushing people to sign Fraternité 2020 before it will be too late. Ride for your Rights! plays an important role in the process as our "Citizens of 2020" Tour is entirely devoted to the cause. Please spread the word and share this press release.

Thank you!

Press kit, promo kit and media partners

To all RFYR enthusiasts and hard working partners, here are some important materials to help spread the message about this project and this year's "Citizens of 2020" Tour.

Values vs numbers - a visit to the Charlemagne (Youth) Prize ceremony in Aachen

If there is a prize giving credit to youth projects that is accompanied by prestige galore in Europe, it's got to be the Charlemagne Youth Prize! The Charlemagne competition takes place once a year and is organised both by the European Parliament and the Karlspreis Foundation. We were lucky enough to be part of it for the second time within the last three years.

Sign up for the "Citizens of 2020" Tour!

To all our riders, past, present and future: you can sign up for this summer's ride already by filling out this form.

Round 3: Citizens of 2020 Tour good to go!

Welcome back everyone!

After a long winter break filled with discussions, preparations and the well-known 'stock up on calories - you'll need it - phase' we are glad to see the well-known proverb "all good things come in threes" come into reality: We are celebrating our 3rd edition of the project, the calendar counts 2013, and 3% is the number we're most interested in!

Community Ride 2012 - a testimony


The sun beat down on our heads, and the air became crisp and heated. I breathed deeply. The city: the air and sounds of the open. Those were my first impressions of Lisbon.

Community Ride 2012 - the story


Here's the short version of our summer in 2012: sometimes, it's just about the cycling.

It tooks us one year to prepare the 2011 ride, and we were out on the road for three months.

It tooks us one year to prepare the 2012 events, and we were out on the road for a week.

Despite the great number of people who joined the different rides and the number of supporters who joined our ranks, we were not completely satisfied with the experience. Something was missing. Spending weeks on the road became a sort of way of life for many, and so the idea came to organise a longer ride in the summer, in some place new, enjoying proper cycling and sightseeing.


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