In summer 2011 over a hundred people from 18 different nations climbed on their bicycles and took part in our 5000 km journey from the Balkans to Russia. Day after day, we cycled across the continent to deliver the message of our Manifesto in 12 different countries.


We met with students, rectors and education experts, and discussed all the obstacles to Student Mobility.


We met with politicians and outstanding citizens, organized workshops, held public events, and gathered public support for a faster European integration via student mobility.


We visited various cultural and historical sites, and experienced Europe in its rich diversity.


Ride for your Rights! It's time to exchange your life has quickly turned from a project nominated for the Charlegmane Youth Prize 2011 into a large community and network of people who share interests in the fields of education, Human Rights, travelling, cycling, environmental questions and activism.


Since the founding of Ride for your Rights! we established over 60 cooperations with clubs, communities and institutions who all share our goals and ideals. We are looking forward to form new partnerships and embrace new challenges, as active European citizens.


You can read more about the Ride on our official blog.

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