The Route

Ride for your Rights! It's time to (ex)change your life took us across 12 countries in over 10 weeks of cycling. A total of roughly 4800 km on the road.

Starting in Novi Sad, Serbia, we rode along the shores of the Danube and across the Pannonian plains, through Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, until we reached Austria.

From there we moved North, through Moravia and Silesia, across the Czech Republic and well into central Poland, then heading Northeast to Podlaskie.

We visited the Baltic states, exploring Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

We crossed over to Finland, made our way up to North Karelia and finally cycled into Russia and reached our destination, St. Petersburg.

It was a long way, but we kept our charts. We are now working with our cycling "veterans" to provide the community with the detailed maps of our trip, so check back regularly for the details.

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