Overview of the Luxembourg - Brussels Tour

The main tour of the 2012 edition of "Ride for your Rights!" connected Luxembourg and Belgium, via Germany and the Netherlands. A large group of students, from all over the world, travelled for a week in the Benelux area, visiting several historical landmarks along the way.

The tour was preceded by two exhibits in Strasbourg, at the Council of Europe and at the European Parliament.

Once on the road, the riders left Luxembourg and passed through St. Vith, Aachen, Maastricht, Liège and Leuven, before arriving in Brussels. On the way, the group visited the tripoint Belgium/Luxembourg/Germany and its memorial dedicated to the founders of the EEC. They saw Aachen, home to the court of Charlemagne, the border city of Maastricht, and the tripoint Belgium/Netherlands/Germany up in Vaalserberg.

All the while, the group grew larger, with so many nationalities represented and plenty of good mood to go around. There was (unintended) off-road cycling, cantus-style singing and lots of beer tasting. When in Belgium...

The tour ended with a conference on the topic of Student Mobility, at the European Social and Economic Council in Brussels. The conference was organised by Campus Europae, the Erasmus Student Network and the European Students Union.

Having finished such a full program, the riders celebrated the end of this tour, returned home and began preparing for the next rides...

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