Luxembourg - Brussels schedule

1st Riding Day: Luxembourg - St. Vith

The Tour will start early from the Youth Hostel, it will be one of the longest riding days with around 105 km and across the hills of Luxembourg to Belgium. A break will be proposed in Diekirch, then we will continue our ride, crossing the Luxembourg - Belgian border and arriving in the evening in St. Vith, where we will have a reception in the town hall (tbc). The accommodation will be provided either in the Youth Hostel, a Youth Camp or a School. For the catering a Barbecue will be prepared.

2nd Riding Day: St. Vith - Aachen

The second day starts right after breakfast, since the route will take us for 80 km across Belgium to reach Aachen. In the first part, we will have to climb up the hills, cross the Hohe Venn, and then we roll down until we reach our destination in the evening where we have dinner.

3rd Riding Day: Aachen - Maastricht

The participants will be trained and getting in the ‘Ride for Your Rights!’ mood, and ride a shorter distance to Maastricht (about 40 km). After breakfast and individual lunch, the journey will go to Maastricht via the three-country-corner (Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands). In Maastricht, the riders will have the opportunity to join after the dinner a typical student activity: a Cantus, with over 300 local and international students! The activity, organised by ESN Maastricht, will require an entrance fee of 15€. per person.

4th Riding Day: Maastricht - Liege

The Tour will start after lunch and the riders will take the direction of Liège! The distance is about 30 km and also mostly flat. We will arrive in the afternoon and have dinner and a Pub crawl in the evening.

5th Riding Day: Liege - Leuven

After two short distance days, the riders will have to cycle around 75 km, but mainly on flat roads. The departure will take place after breakfast and will arrive in Leuven in the late afternoon, where we get a reception in the town hall (tbc). An optional evening program might be proposed by some locals.

6th Riding Day: Leuven - Brussels

For this last riding day, the participants will leave Leuven right after breakfast since a final conference is planned in Brussels, to hand over the Manifesto to EU institution representatives. After the final conference, a chill-out evening is planned in the Hostel and some optional evening programme prepared by ESN International!

Final Day: Brussels

This day will be the 25th anniversary of the ERASMUS programme celebration day! After breakfast, the riders will take part in a city tour, visit of the European Parliament (tbc) and take part in a flag parade through the city. So don’t forget to bring a flag of your home country with you. The celebrations will be closed by a social programme, where Erasmus students from Belgium and neighbouring countries will be invited!

Departure Day: Brussels

The riders will leave Brussels with a lot of new friends & experiences and spread the message of the Manifesto all over Europe!

Arrival Day: Luxembourg

The riders will have the opportunity to take part in the kick-off conference, team-building games and a city tour. The accommodation will be provided in the Youth Hostel of Luxembourg. As it is the arrival, the food for this day will be at the expense of the participants themselves.

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