3rd Riding Day: Aachen - Maastricht


The participants will be trained and getting in the ‘Ride for Your Rights!’ mood, and ride a shorter distance to Maastricht (about 40 km). After breakfast and individual lunch, the journey will go to Maastricht via the three-country-corner (Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands). In Maastricht, the riders will have the opportunity to join after the dinner a typical student activity: a Cantus, with over 300 local and international students! The activity, organised by ESN Maastricht, will require an entrance fee of 15€. per person.

  • 08h00 - Wake up call
  • 09h00 - Breakfastl
  • 010h00 - City tour or free time
  • Midday - Lunch
  • 13h00 - leaving Aachen
  • 17h00 - Arrival in Maastricht
  • Evening - Dinner, Cantus (15€)
 (Times can change!)

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