Ride for your Rights! It’s time to (ex)change your life was initiated by the Student Council of Campus Europae to highlight the current shortcomings in academic European exchange programmes for students in Higher Education.

Our mission was to implement an awareness-raising project which would attract the attention of key figures and decision makers in the field of Higher Education. We aimed at engaging in lively discussions with education experts, administrative bodies and rectorates of Higher Education Institutions, European institutions and role models of society. We focused on commenting on all current obstacles to student mobility while allowing for constructive dialogue in order to find tangible solutions as outlined in our Manifesto.

The project was based on three pillars; active citizenship, strengthening European values and media visibiliy.

  • Active citizenship: Ride for your Rights! It’ s time to (ex)change your life gave students the chance to become agents of active citizenship. The project enabled people to share their first hand experiences regarding student mobility and voice their concerns in front of national and European education experts. Students could either participate in the bicycle tour itself and speak up at our various meetings, or show their support by signing our Manifesto.
  • Strengthening European values: Educational activities during the bicycle trip, such as workshops and study visits with a focus on European values, underlined the importance of intercultural dialogue and experience in our European society.
  • Media visibility: The impact of the project was interrelated with our visibility in the media. We aimed at presenting the core idea of our Manifesto not only to students and educational institutions, but also to society at large

- adapted from the 2011 Report

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