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Before and during the course of all editions of RFYR, we established many partnerships with all sorts of institutions, organisations and communities whose help made this project successful. By providing logistic support, putting together events, reaching out to the media and the general public, giving workshops and sharing their expertise, these entities were fundamental for us to reach our goals.

The European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude

The European Dialogue of Perspective Attitude (EDPA) is a civic association founded to support and develop the European identity in Slovakia.

Europe & Me

E&M is an online lifestyle magazine created by young Europeans for young Europeans. Its motto is to "make Europe personal", because Europe is often only identified with politics and bureaucracy. The magazine was founded in September 2007 and first published in July 2008, and since then we've been writing about every possible "Europe" - the Europe of young masters students, the Europe of Chernobyl survivers, the Europe of the European Commission, the Europe of immigrants and the Europe of ex-pats.

E&M says: "Europe is a state of mind"


"Citizen-E is a connector. We connect you the Citizen in Europe, with the European media, politicians and people who have ideas like you might have them too."


OneEurope is a grass-root organisation supported by a community of volunteers from all over Europe. It is a place of informed and informing debate, a place to get inspired and to gain insight into Europe's diverse opinion culture. It is furthermore a platform to connect, network and get an overview over the European political and public sphere. OneEurope creates a hub to exchange insights and breathe the spirit and the diversity of Europe.

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