Skojevska 1a, Bačka Palanka

Elementary school „Desanka Maksimovic“ from Backa Palanka (Serbia) had long and interesting tradition. In the school are active numerous sections (17) which gave excellent results in competitions (in Serbian language, history, biology, mathematics, computer science, English language). The school has 568 students divided into 25 departments. It is 60 employees, of which 44 teachers. The school has a well equipped gym which is also used to perform various events at the school level and at the city level. There is a daily center that allow easy reference to children with learning, and socializing. Since 2007. principal of the school is Mrs. Tatjana Milidragović, the right person at the right place, which successfully leads school team to win, as evidenced by numerous successes and their plans in the past.

The school provided free accommodation for participants and pupils/students from the school rode one part of route.

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